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May 2017

Dear Parents /Guardians, 

Spring is slowly arriving to Clarksdale! Some of the sure signs are the Green Up Clean Up Day/Earth Day activities, the kick-off for Jump Rope for Heart, Music Monday and our track and field/relay try-outs. We are so fortunate to be able to offer these activities to our students and we thank our staff for taking the time to organize them. 

We have been busy with spring-related learning: butterflies, planning gardens and visits to the woodlot are just a few of the many inquiry-based learning activities in which our children are engaging. Our outdoor learning garden is beginning to sprout with our trees, plants, sod and mulch arriving. We also appreciate the contribution of our parent volunteers, who came out to help prepare the gardens and mulch the fronts. They look beautiful! 

Learning has continued in Math, where a key focus has been on using Number Talks in all our classes to help students think about the strategies they use to solve problems. We have also expanded our use of Dreambox to all students in grades 1-6, with access both at school and at home. This math tool supports students on an individual level and allows each student to progress based on his/her own understanding. If you have not had the opportunity to do so, please take a moment to have your child share where they are at! 

In Language, continued growth in our home reading programs has helped students build on their reading skills and we thank parents and school council for their fundraising support. These funds helped us purchase new reading materials for both our English and French home reading programs. 

Well-being has been a key pillar of our school goals this year and we have worked hard with our students and staff to be mindful, and to focus on both our physical and social/emotional health. The first week of May was Mental Health Awareness week and each day we discussed a component of wellbeing with students. 

Our grade three and six students will be writing their EQAO tests at the end of May and beginning of June. These standardized tests are completed across the Province of Ontario to assess the learning and development of all children at the specific points in their academic years. Results of the testing will be privately provided to each family in the fall. We wish to thank our staff for their efforts in preparing your children for this activity. Many thanks for your ongoing partnership. 

We also wanted to extend a sincere appreciation to our Breakfast Club and Healthy Food Basket volunteers, who have been preparing healthy breakfast and snack items for our students since the beginning of the year. Halton Food For Thought has been a key contributor to this project and we thank them for supporting us in helping our students start the day out with a full tummy. 

As always, we invite parent feedback to help us continually improve our Clarksdale community and learning for our students. Please take a moment to complete the 

"Have Your Say" Survey. The link is on our Clarksdale website. 

Mrs. J, Reesor, Principal
Ms. L. Braunberger, Vice Principal